Monday, March 5, 2007

Wish List...A quick Survey on Canon Lenses

The following is my quick survey of several Canon lenses for my EOS DSLR. I just have to think of how to finance those investment !

For now, I have to content with the 18-55mm Kit Lens and the 90-300mm f/4-5.6 lenses which are not great but good enough for casual photography. After some reading and quick researching, Prime Lenses (no zoom) should be good consideration as they are normally fast lenses (work well at low light situation) and not bulky. One major problem is however, I have to carry many lenses to cover several zoom and focal distances. With a zoom lens, this problem is minimized albeit that some image crispness will be lost and not to mention the requirement for good ambiance light. Ah..decision..decision. Perhaps my Sifu Mr. CD can shed some light on this...

I also found a very interesting table from the net on comparison on Entry Level Canon DSLR. I forgot where I got it but I like to post it in this blog for my record.

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