Saturday, March 17, 2007


"Tiap-tiap yang bernyawa akan merasai mati, dan bahawasanya pada hari Kiamat sahajalah akan disempurnakan balasan kamu. Ketika itu sesiapa yang dijauhkan dari neraka dan dimasukkan ke Syurga maka sesungguhnya ia telah berjaya. Dan (ingatlah bahawa) kehidupan di dunia ini (meliputi segala kemewahannya dan pangkat kebesarannya) tidak lain hanyalah kesenangan bagi orang yang terpedaya": Ali-'Imran 185

Just I was about to step out of the office for a quick tea early Friday morning, I was informed by the big boss donwstairs on the passing of Danial's mom Puan Norliza Abdullah. I was speechless and dumbfounded on hearing this news but quickly gathered my thought to express my sorrow. While sipping the tea, my mobile rang and my immediate boss informed me about the same news but this time he asked me whether I would visit Danial as he would like to join in. Without any hesitation I said yes and at about 9.30 AM both of us inlcuding Beroz, were already at Danial's mom's home in PJ.

When we arrived, there were not so many people except for several people from the local mosque. In fact, we were the first from the office to arrive. People from nearby the mosque were already there helping out in the 'urusan jenazah'. We also lent our hands in carrying in a specially made fibre-tub brought by the people from the mosque into the house to be used in the 'urusan mandi jenazah'. We were told by the local ustaz that Allahyarhamah will be buried at Bukit Kiara after the Jumaat prayer instead of the nearby muslim cemetary as it has already ran out of space.

Slowly, the number of visitors paying thier last respect to Danial's mom increase by the hour. The local women from the mosque conducted tahlil and Surah Yassin recitals through out the early morning and our ladies friends from the office also joined in during the activity. The ladies tahlil was later followed by the men tahlil and yassin recital led by HIsham. At around 11.15AM right after the men tahlil ceremony was over, my boss signaled to me that it's time for us to leave as by that time, there were already so many people paying thier last respect to Danial's mom.

As a person who has also experience such event in life, I deeply understand how Danial is feeling at the moment and being one of my friends whom I respect the most, I can only say that I really share his sadness. However as a muslim, we can only say that living and dying is a part of the cycle of life of which Allah has the full and final say. To the death, what is important is not the dying itself but rather what kind of living that is waiting. To the livings, death should be treated as a temporary separation because we may be able to meet again in the hereafter. Only, let's hope and try very hard that the meeting place will be in Jannah rather than in Hell.

From the bottom of my heart, takziah to Danial and family and let us say Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamah Norliza Binte Abdullah....may Allah bless her soul and give her the best living in Alam Barzah...

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  1. I heard the news.

    Al Fatihah ti arwah. May she be placed among the pious. Tinggallah anak-anaknya yang mengerjakan amalan saleh berkat ajarannya.