Friday, March 2, 2007

Bidding Farewell..for now

We had a small gathering in the office today honoring four of our colleagues who have been transferred to other departments and subsidiary of the company. The four are Mamat, Yoke Wai, Sutree and Mat Jan. Out of the four, Mamat and Yoke Wai were with me in the same unit. Both of them are excellent employees of TNB and have been a great help and contributor company. Mamat spent slightly more than a year working with me before his transfer to Sabah while Yoke Wai spent only three months after her services are required in the newly form department within the company.

As for Sutree, I have known him since early 2000 but so far he has never reported directly to me at work. Sutree also is a very hardworking person and his knowledge in the area of power quality cannot be surpassed by many in the company. Mat Jan is our IT technician and he is always helpful and dedicated to his work. Alhamdullilah, he is now promoted but sadly he is transferred to the IT group for a new position and assignment.

As usual there were many people at the gathering including the two bosses from the first floor. Our VP also came to have the lunch together with us and I can tell that everyone was very happy with the food being served, nasi beriyani, ayam merah, beef rendang, kari dal and some fruits and sweets.

To the four, you guys have been great to us. Your departure will be sadly missed but what is more important is that your contribution to the company will increase and duly appreciated by all.


  1. I only knew that mamat left to Sabah when I went back the other day. I didn't know Yoke Wai was there though. and where is Sutree going?

  2. Yoke Wai was with me in OS for only 3 months before he and Sutree were asked to serve at Asset Management Department under Puan Faezah...