Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Saturday...Going Hi-Tech

I have to admit that I am not a TV programme enthusiast.The number of hours I spend watching the TV is at most 3-4 hours per week, on my best week. Nonetheless I do like to watch TV series such as CSI, Loss and Sports programmings once in while when I am not tired enough to watch it after my hectic day. I really like to watch those series in a very slow pace, sometimes 3-4 days just to finish one episode and thats why I actually bought the DVD series instead to suit my watching habit.

Although I am seriuosly lacking in time for watching TV seriously, I do got fascinated with the technological advancement of the TV particularly with the LCD screen TV. In fact I was so fascinated with this seemingly new technology, at least to me and my other half, that we bought one on Saturday and have it installed attached to the wall just like in the store ! Really, this was not an impulse buying as I was already have planned to buy it before but kept delaying it as the price was not so attractive enough at that time. In addition, our old 20'' Sony TV is already beyond its life span as the color scheme and tone is already out of order and probably beyond repair as the conventional TV now is becoming obsolette, hence made the purchase of a new TV almost inevitable. Just imagine, the similar 32'' LCD would cost close to RM6000 2-3 years back and I bought it for below RM4K! Throw in with one Video Component Cable, 1-S-Video cable and the cost for the swivel wall mounted bracket with installation, the price is still below RM4.5K nett.

The person that came to my home and helped installed the TV for us is a malay man in his late twenties. From him I know that the sales of LCD/Plasma TV is really increasing in Malaysia. He also told me that one day earlier before I bought the TV from him, there was one housewife who bought three LCD TV's for the cost of nearly RM24K ! That's what I call luxury beyond comprehension !

Whatever it is, I am really thankful to Allah for given me the rezeki to get this new technology installed at home finally...Amin

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