Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fishing in Bukit Jelutong ?

If you are coming to Bukit Jelutong via the BJ Toll exit you will pass the Guthrie Pavilion on your right and a man-made ponds on your left. At the moment, some construction is going around this pond and I notice that a steel railing fence along the pond is being built maybe for the purpose of public safety. Also for the pass several months even well before the steel fencing has been erected, I always notice many people, some even with families, fishing by this pond side. To satisfy my curiosity, I made a visit to this area late Sunday afternoon to find out myself whether the fishing activity there is worth the effort as this pond is actually part of BJ's drainage system.

I talked to a man by the name of Tajudin from TTDI who was observing his friend fishing. Judging from his accent, I think he is from the North and he told me that he is very fond of fishing in this area because there is actually a lot of fish in the pond! I was very surprised to hear this and now I understand why people keep coming to fish in this pond which was before this I considered 'dirty'.

In fact, Tajudin even told me that the pond is not polluted judging on the color of Tilapia he caught before. He added that sometimes he and his friends went fishing here at 2.00 AM in the morning to avoid the crowd much to the attention of the BJ Homesecurity personnel.

When fully developed in a few months time, I think this spot will be another attraction for fishing activity as long as the authority allows such activity to take place. In terms of its surrounding landscape, this area could be another 'Taman Tasik Shah Alam' if proper maintenance and care is applied by MBSA. A spacious parking lot has already being built close to this pond and this will encourage many people to be around this area as a jogging track circling the pond is also currently under construction.

Who knows in the future I might rush to the nearest anglers' shop to get fishing paraphernalia. After all, my late father is an avid angler and my two brothers are also into this 'sport' already.

"Seronok Tinggal di Bukit Jelutong"

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