Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Canon 400D or Nikon 80D ?

I bought my first SLR camera in the spring of 1986 when I was still an undergraduate student in West Virginia. It was Canon AE1 Program which at that time was one of the 'hot' SLR in the market. The Canon AE-1 was the first 35mm SLR camera to be controlled solely via a built-in Central Processing Unit (CPU) and made SLR photography avaialble to beginners and amateurs at a reasonable prices - with a record of over 5 million units been sold worldwide, the success of which firmly established Canon as the leader in camera innovations. The camera I bought is still in working condition although I feel it seriuosly needs a complete service as the lens is already infected by fungus and dirt. In between 1986 and now, I have also purchased 2-3 small point-and-shoot cameras which are practical for travelling purposes but lacking in capability to snap great or almost artistic photos. Around the year 2000 when I was completing my PhD, I bought Canon S20 Digital camera with 3.34Mpixel resolution. This is an 'ok' camera and have gone through many phases of service and repair over the years.

After 20 years of my first SLR, I suddenly feel the urge to get a new SLR but this time a digital one. The new Canon 10.1 Mpixel 400D-SLR caught my attention first. I read many reviews about it and even fondled with it at Selangor Photo fortnight ago. I also asked opinions from many people including Rosidi who is an avid Canon fan and obviously he has many praises for Canon having bought 2 Canon DSLRs already. From the the opinions and reviews about Canon 400D, what I captured the most is in terms of exposure setting and white balance which according to reviews, is where Canon lacks behind Nikon. From my earlier experience of using Canon S20, I also noticed that image clarity as compared to its rival Nikon CoolPix is on the downside, albeit, as usual Canon always wins in terms of its price. The retail price of Canon 400D in KL is about RM3200 including KIT lens.

I also did a bit of research on the 10.2 MPixel Nikon 80D and most reviews I read give thumbs up for this camera.
The glaring 'disadvantage' of Nikon 80D is that is does not have an automatic dust-removal/cleaning system which for digital camera is important for maintaining optimal sensor-system. But I guess, Nikon would probably overcome this dust issue through its body design and is also probably non-issue to Nikon. Retail KIT price for Nikon 80D is around RM4400. Quite pricey but according to many, worth it.

Although many people compare Canon 400D with Nikon 80D, according to Rosidi it's an unfair comparison since the Nikon 80D is an entry level camera for the Pros while the Canon 400D is high-end level for amateur photographers.

That leaves me with a serious decision to make ? Any help please....

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