Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sacrifice and Hajj

" Dan serukanlah umat manusia untuk mengerjakan ibadat Haji, nescaya mereka akan datang ke (rumah Tuhan) mu dengan berjalan kaki, dan dengan menunggang berjenis-jenis unta yang kurus {R.1027} , yang datangnya dari berbagai jalan (dan ceruk rantau) yang jauh"-Al Hajj Ayat 27

Early Wednesday morning, we were at the KLIA waiting for my sister and brother in lawsfrom thier trip to Mecca after performing the Hajj. Together with us, there were hundreds of people at the airport waiting for their loved ones and one can easily spot many beaming faces, hugs, kisses and also tears of joy emanating all over upon the much anticipated reunions. Almost similar circusmtance 47 days ago at LUTH Kelana Jaya, I also saw many people sending their loved ones for Hajj but the situation then was a bit different of sort as the ambiance was more melancholic and the mood was somber as loved ones prepared to leave homes for the sake of Allah.

At about 1.40am, I saw my brother and sister in-laws emerged from the arrival doors almost one hour after the plane touched down. After some quick greetings and hugs, we quickly settle down and started to exchange stories while they were waiting for the connecting flight to KT scheduled several hours later. I could easily sense how happy my brother in law now that he has completed his Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam. Who wouldn't. In few hour time he will be reunited with his children after leaving them for almost 50 days and praying for thier safety every minute.

Performing Hajj is for the sake of Allah and indeed it requires a lot of sacrifice. Many people would agree that having enough money is only part of the requirement. For the financially stable people, they would prefer to go to Hajj with the best possible package. And for some, going 'muassasah' is the only choice they have. Whatever the capability that one has, the real intention of Hajj is to obey Allah's instruction to His slaves and the willingness to sacrifice for His course.

(Sesungguhnya) orang yang beriman dan berhijrah serta berjihad pada jalan Allah dengan harta benda dan jiwa mereka adalah lebih besar dan tinggi darjatnya di sisi Allah (daripada orang Haji dan orang yang memakmurkan masjid sahaja); dan mereka itulah orang yang berjaya. At-Taubah Ayat 20

One must be prepared to endure 40 days of total subsmission to Allah leaving everything they love, including thier own children, behind. The story of Nabi Ibrahim constantly reminds us of how we as a muslim, must not put anything between us and Allah, even when it means sacrificing our loved ones. The story of how Nabi Ibrahim left Siti Sara in the dessert alone and how he was asked by Allah to sacrifice Nabi Ismail are not mere legends but indeed a message that Allah wants to tell us that no one is greater than Him. This is the ultimate concept of ' La-Ilah-ha-Illalah' and understanding this piece of word goes beyond just saying it in our daily wirid.

I have not performed the Hajj yet though my other half and me have actually registered with LUTH for this purpose albeit, we were in the very long list of registered people. We pray to Allah that one day we will be given the oppurtunity to perform this holy ritual and become among the millions muslim already performed the Hajj.

At 3.30am, both me and my other half left KLIA for home. We were a bit tired and sleepy, but felt inspired nonetheless...AlHamdulliah..Amin..