Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a Weekend !!!: Part1

On Sunday, I was invited to play the golf tournament commemorating the 10th Year of UNITEN establishment. The guest of honor for the tournament was supposed to be Tun Yang Terutama Gabenor Pulau Pinang as he is also the current chancellor of UNITEN. However, he was unable to make it due to some health reason. Other VIPs include Dato Sidek, Prof. Maskuri, the UNITEN new Vice-Chancellor, and other dignitaries.

I was a bit late starting my journey from home to Bangi Golf Resort. As I left home, it was already 7.30am and I was supposed to tee-off by 8.00am. I rang up the organiser and told them I would be late as in my estimate it will take at least 45 minutes from BJ to Bangi. Thus, I figured that I have to drive as fast as I could to be on time. Luckily, the road was practically empty on Sunday morning and actually I did make it to the clubhouse just on time for my tee-time. Well, it was approximately 8.03 when I dropped my golf bag at the reception counter. I really did not monitor my speed while driving but occasionally I thought I was doing 150 to 170kph !

Without much warm-up and also breakfast, I started the game at Hole-13 as we were starting on shot-gun formation so that everybody can finish at the same time, in theory. It was a short Par-4 and using a 5-iron, my tee shot went to the right slightly and about another 100m to the pin. My second shot was short about 3 meters to the green, chipped in and missed my Par..Bogey and not a good a start!

The rest of the holes were a roller coaster to me. I only managed 1 birdie, missed 4 clear cut chances for birdies (2 were within 5 feet), made several bogeys and double bogeys as well as some blown-up holes. I thought I was playing terribly bad but my playing partners were not up to their marks either. One of them even quipped that I was making birdy chances like nobody business despite blowing up 2-3 holes. Nonetheless, we did enjoy the game and I was lucky enough to get Fifth Placing and brought back a Twin-Jug Multi purpose Blender for my other half to cherish! She is happy I think because golf prizes are always (well most of the time) for the wifeys. Yeah, part of the strategy to appease the other non-playing half at home :-) ...Several months back I also brought back an Induction Griller much to my other-half's pleasure and not to mention several Parkson Grand Vouchers and other kitchen appliances I won before. I was home by 3.30pm enough time to be on the road again visiting my daughter at her school...

I really hope Allah will grant me the health and rezeki and keeps me winning more and more...Ameen-Ya-Rabbil-Alamin

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