Thursday, January 18, 2007

Professional Advice from a Professional Wannabe...

Yesterday I received an email from CD commenting or should I say advising me on proper technique of using SLR after I posted the pictures I took at home. I think the comment is worth a posting in my blog as CD also told me that he was able not being able to post his comment directly. For some reason I am also not sure of why the comment section in my blogspot suddenly dissappeared. Maybe I should revisit the settings for confirmation. However, this is what CD wrote to me..
Dear Mr. Gondai,

I will be one of your frequent reviewers of your blog starting from today! Well just added it to on of my favorite homie. At least I know that I have a crazy snapper like me and good thing is I have a friend that I can talk about photography! Bravo dude!

Welcome to canon world and explore the amazing world tru lens!

3 photos that you display in your blog are good when we compared to ‘album’ photography! Good idea but lack of few things that can be summarized as follows:

a. First photo is good for ‘album’ collection…try to get rid of the balcony on the left hand side of the photo….distraction! Shot at high angle was good but spoilt by ‘p’ mode setting! My suggestion try to shoot with long shutter speeds (good tripod is a must! Try manfrotto!) in order explore the beauty of light and colors…u will get dark blue skies man! …as in the text book…twilight zone just before night or after night when the sky is still blue in color is the best time to take photo!...

b. second photo was taken at a very good angle…and good way to experiment depth of field! Third rule apply nicely …Shot at eyes level… good technique! Clear and crispy photo but must try to get rid of the green cloth covered the main object. Forget ‘p’ mode…try ‘A’ mode in this situation!

c. just a normal photo but be careful when using a built in flash! Use external flash and diffuser and I suggest that u take at longer focal point! Try to be creative when taking the object like this..rather than taking the whole object..try taking the fraction of it that people also know it’s a trophy..macro lens or zoom lens 90-300mm that you have is good enough for it! Photography is creativity!...that’s why we buy SLR rather than compact!..

the above comments is not in anyway to ‘slam’ you but it was written in a good faith and intention!....i really like the idea that I have an avid photographer like you.


So, Mr. CD, if you are reading this, what's your comments on the two photos I took above ? and by the way, I am still using the Aperture Priority function as I am not having the confident yet to go fully manual....