Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a Weekend !!! Part 3

Still on Saturday,after a quick photography session at the Student Competition venue, we drove to Putrajaya hoping for a glimpse at the Flower Festival being held near my brother's residence at Precinct 8. We were stopping for the red light just before the junction to Alamanda Shopping center when I noticed next to our car was the official car of Sinar FM, the Ford Escape and Sinar FM promotional 'agent'.
I knew that they were carrying a lot of souveniers with them to be given from time to time upon the announcement on the radio and I did not miss this oppurtunity by rolling down the windscreen and waived to them. They responded and I shouted ' tak da hadiah ka ?'..guess what, one of them quickly packed a goody bag and we got ourselves a nice mug !

Next, we proceeded to the flower festival venue but were frustrated because there were no parking space close enough for comfortable walk under the hot sun. In fact, on duty traffic policemen were busy directing the traffic and also closing the gate to the mosque parking area. We decided to just drive around and finally ended up at three other places in Putrajaya namely Laman Putra,Taman Botanikal and the Wetland.
I took some photos of these nice places and hope everyone can appreciate the beauty of Putrajaya from the eyes of my lenses.
Putrajaya at present is such a nice place to visit. I really hope that the authority will have the capacity to sustain such beauty because looking at it's massive and expensive infrastructure, it will be a challenge to maintain and upkeep its splendour for generations to come.


  1. as a fan to your blog, i always make a habit of browsing your page at the begining of the day...i was amazed by the way you wrote and also your desire to learn and horning your photograhpy skill which is good! i must say that you are improving with every shots that you took! now lets start to venture the next level of photograhy skill albeit creativity shot tru the lense...all six photos posted here are practically good but lack of creativity..need a bit of afford and also time before taking every shots...the last photo on the canoe and the background of PM's office..good idea but my suggestion is for you to get coser to the canoe and zoom bigger...also the time of the shot i assumed was midday and it make the object plain and dead..try slightly in the evening where you can get more dramatic shot! the other photo of the tree is good but again you need to get closer to the object.....thanks and hope my sincere comments will help you!

  2. thanks Mr Anonymus a.k.a CD for the valuable comments...insha'allah will keep in mind the valuable tips..