Sunday, January 21, 2007

Complete Cycle of Human Creation

Currently I am reading the book "Mukjizat Al-Quran" by Muhammad Mutawalli Sya'rawi. One of the things which has never crossed my mind until I read this book is about how Allah completed the full cycle of human creation. The rule of nature dictates the creation of a human being by sexual desire and unification of a man and a woman and the whole process of insemination, pregnancy and birth. This is sunatullah for the human creation and being the creator of this rule, Allah can make exception as He pleases as a constant reminder to to all human beings about His power and might.

First Allah created Adam, father of all human beings, not from any part of man or a woman. Then Allah created Hawa (Eve), from part of Adam (a man). To complete the cycle, Allah created Isa from part of woman (Maryam) !

As for you and me, we are here in this world, from our moms and dads, as what sunatullah has dictated...and we should be thankful to Allah for giving us the chance to serve Him in this transient pleasure call dunia!

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