Friday, January 12, 2007

Reality and Perception

So much things happened to me this week but one thing that I would probably remember for life is the one-to-one feedback session on Succession Management Programme I attended on Wednesday afternoon. This is actually a second session of which for some reason I was selected to attend and listen to the so called 'result' from the profile test and session interview held several months ago.

The panel of interviewer consist of a rep from the HR department and one external HR consultant engaged by the company to basically deliver the 'verdict' on my performance or future potential, so they say. I like to keep the actual result private but like to share some thoughts told to me during the interview with a pinch of salt and of course, from my humorous point of views. No intention to offend anybody here.

"You are the AVERAGE of the top 0.01% of the company"
Wake up dude, you just an average Joe, never mind the number, time to buck-up..

" Your boss assessment on you is overrated. If the assessment is true, you are Dr Mahatir"
For some reasons, HR guys always listen and beleive what is negative about you especially when it comes from your boss..anything positive, is overated.

" You are an engineering wizard but needs a lot of training to be a good business leader"
you are wierdo and hopeless with money..why don't you opt for accountancy last time?

" You need to stop bulldozing on people when they talk, improve your listening skill"
ah I don't know that...You think I did that not on purpose ?

"This company has many world-class potential staff, unlike Proton who does not have a single person in category 4 and 5. Thats why Proton is going down..their recruitment and promotion practices are basically political"
Honestly speaking, I don't drive a Proton car right now..they are neither cheap nor perform like a BMW..but if you think you can do better, try speak to Pak Lah and ask for the CEO position there...

" We have scheduled a development programme for you, BUT, there will be no movement in your division in the short term, and to better prepare you for the future, we might move you around in the company"
For now, we have no intention to promote you, but if we do promote someone, we will make sure that you are transferred out first...

"Engineers are the easiest to transform (business leader)..they think logically and most successful companies in the world are run by engineers.."
well is that so bloody true, what the hell am I still doing here.."

Well, that's how I saw the comments should I choose to view them sarcastically..My honest opinion about the whole shenanigan is that, this is a routine exercise by some department to meet their KPIs targets. People can perceive us in so many ways they like..but the bottomline is, be yourself and make sure whatever you do in is line with what Allah asks you to do...and that really MATTERS...